Solar ATMs on a rural India jaunt; 300 roll out from Vortex


India’s first large-scale rollout of Solar ATMs has been kicked off, courtesy of Vortex Engineering, a pioneer and leading provider of Rural Automated Teller Machines. This follows the winning of an order from State Bank of India for a deployment of 545 ATMs across semi-urban and rural India. Of these 545 ATMs, over 300 will be solar-powered.

Vortex’s Solar-powered Gramateller Duo ATMs have been developed in collaboration with IIT Madras. Built on years of R&D, with a steady focus on rural needs, these are innovative low power consuming ATMs tailor-made for semi-urban and rural areas. A conventional ATM consumes about 1000 W of power and requires an air-conditioned environment which burns another 1500 W for functioning. Thus, a conventional ATM consumes about 1800 units of power every month.

Vortex’s Solar-powered Gramateller Duo ATMs are said to consume less than 100 W of power and do not require air conditioning, thus consuming less than 72 units per month. This indicates a saving of 1728 units per month and at least Rs 1,20,000 per year (at a conservative commercial rate of Rs 6 per unit) when compared to a conventional ATM installation. Compared to conventional ATM installations, Vortex’s solar-powered Gramateller Duo ATMs reduce CO2 emissions by at least 18,500 kg per year.

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