Nissan Leaf to be built in the UK’s Sunderland; Green features galore as electric vehicle gears up for production


The United Kingdom will serve as the assembly point for Japanese major Nissan’s new energy efficient electric car, the Nissan Leaf. The new upcoming EV had been a hit at the Washington Auto Show last month, and the vehicle is being eagerly anticipated for its green features.

Nissan’s call to build the Leaf in the UK would involve close to £420 million ($642 million) in investment. Nissan has already committed to invest around £178 million ($273 million) in a new manufacturing plant in Sunderland, in the north-east of England. The Sunderland facility was supposed to be making the Nissan Leaf batteries, but now with the investment more than doubling, the Sunderland factory will now produce the car itself. The arrival of the Nissan facility in Sunderland also makes sure that 4,000 local jobs would stay, while additional 350 would be created for the making of Lithium Ion batteries.

 The Nissan Leaf is very much being anticipated for its green promises. The car has already been awarded the Green Car Journal’s 2010 Green Car Vision Award recently for its efforts aimed at zero localized emissions and use of absolutely no petrol. The Leaf would go into production in 2013. Nissan plans to roll out 50,000 vehicles a year. Watch Video below:


(Via GNews)

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