London gears up to host greenest Olympics ever


If things work out as per plans, London can take pride in hosting the greenest Olympics yet. The London Olympic Authority is aiming at organizing a sustainable green Olympics at London in 2012. The measures lined up include setting up an eco-friendly atmosphere, buildings, grounds and other facilities. Recycled materials are also taking centre stage.

The Authority has built the stadia and other building with specific targets. Rainwater has been used to help reduce the use of potable water, and in turn aid cut in consumption of water up to 40 percent while constructing buildings. The Authority has also lined up steps to reduce CO2 by 50 percent. At the same time, related industries aim to source their material through recycling.

Projects have been giving priority for low waste, low carbon emissions, green transportation, and renewable energy. The budget has risen to $13.94 billion from the earlier estimate of $3.5 billion.

 (Via: Inhabitat)

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