eRecyclingCorps makes progress in its mobile phone recycling act

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Do you have count of the mobile phones you dump year after year for some reason or the other? No one has ever tried to know, in fact. Two responsible citizens are doing exactly that, finally. The former top officials at Sprint Nextel Corp and RadioShack Corp have kick started a company which would recycle old cellphones in the US.

It is being estimated that an alarmingly huge number – 65,000 metric tons – of old cellphones are thrown away every year in the US. The company has also found a customer for its recycled, refurbished phones in Sprint.  The strategy is to bring about phone trade-in schemes for operators to encourage consumers to return old phones to carriers instead of putting them in the trash. The two men, Ron LeMay, ex-Chief Executive for Sprint’s wireless business and David Edmonson, former CEO of electronics retailer RadioShack, have floated eRecyclingCorps with this noble aim. As per the company’s plan, consumers could walk into their network operator’s store with their old phone, and get credit for the value of that device to be put toward a new phone. The carrier stores would then send the phones to eRecyclingCorps and get paid for it. The company then picks the handsets and decides on which one is to be recycled or refurbished. It would then sell the redone phones to consumers in emerging markets.

Meanwhile, what we hear is that Sprint has asked eRecyclingCorps to handle phones returned to 1,100 of its own stores and 1,400 of its third-party dealers as part of its aim to have nine out of 10 phones recycled or reused for every device it sells by year 2017.


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