Economic & ecological upgrade via bamboo bio-filters


Putting a check on factors that aid pollution has received a shot in the arm with the advent of the Urban Biofilter Project.  Rearing bamboo forests is what the project envisages in an effort to reducing pollution of the air, soil and water.

The Urban Biofilter Bamboo Project would create bamboo forests on brownfields, thereby avoiding wastage of water. Sustainable bamboo production has been proved as very good for environment and people. With urban zones these days facing environmental hazards such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, radiation and the like, the Urban Biofilter Project is seen as an effort aimed at helping to avoid these problems, besides helping to reduce wastage and improve the quality of life and surroundings.

The Urban Biofilter Project in West Oakland has turned out to be an example of how it works. One of the busiest ports in the world, West Oakland has had a history of cancer and asthma- afflicted citizens all through. Besides, unemployment has been a raging aspect in this part of the world. With the bamboo canopy under the project having come up, there has been a considerable reduction in these ailments. Further, the project has also been able to provide employment to the youth of this land. 

(via: inhabitat)

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