Green businesses survived slowdown onslaught


The third annual State of Green Business report says green businesses survived and even thrived even as the recession ate into traditional businesses. It is being  noted that economic downturn provided an impetus as well as federal stimulus funds for businesses to cut operating costs by improving energy efficiency.

According to, the green economy is alive and well, even during tough times. This comes at a time when US President Barack Obama looks at pushing the United States’ clean energy economy via sops that might boost renewable power, nuclear plants, biofuels and clean coal technologies.

The positives apart, it has also pointed out a few negatives tooThough there has been a boom in green-powered vehicles and consumer product information, the level of greenhouse gas emissions, number of telecommuters, recycling of electronics are way off the mark raising concerns. The most positive trends in the industry is its new “radical transparency, according to the report.

(Via GreenBiz)

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