Siemens Energy tech to charge electric vehicles in 6 minutes

High-voltage charger for electric cars

Siemens Energy Sector, in Denmark, has come up with the EDISON project that involves a new charging technology, by which owners of electric vehicles (EVs) can recharge their vehicles more efficiently – that is, within just 6 minutes. 
The EDISON project is being coordinated by reputed research centres such as Siemens, IBM, Denmark Dong Energy, Eurisco R&D centre, and Technical University of Denmark. 
The project ultimately aims at developing a 300-kilowatt system that recharges the batteries in 6 minutes. However, in the beginning researchers had planned to produce a 43.5-kilowatt charge-capability for a 20-minute charge on a 400-volt, 63-Amp connection.
It had also been planned to test these quick-charging systems using alternative energy sources like wind-power.
According to Siemens Energy Sector, the new charging technology works by increasing the charging power to as much as 300 kilowatts (KW), to replicate the typical filling-up at a gas station, in around 6 minutes.
The EDISON project has 3 phases – research, technological development, and demonstration.

IBM Denmark and the Zurich Research Laboratory, of IBM, are developing among other things, smart technologies which synchronise with the charging of the electric vehicles according to the availability of wind in the power grid.
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