BMW Vision EfficientDynamics plug-in pure hybrid 2+2 concept to get real


Remember the Vision EfficientDynamics plug-in pure hybrid 2+2 concept car that was on show at the BMW podium back in September 2009 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. It seems like the green car is on its way out to the tarmac. The car, a 356-horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque plug-in electric vehicle, will come racing on to the road first as part of a model run of between 5,000 and 10,000 units in 2013.

Though it has not been revealed how many Vision EfficientDynamics plug-in pure hybrid 2+2  vehicles BMW would make, guesswork says that the number could be somewhere close to 10,000 units The car will come with reduced amount of synthetic glass, and would go for a solid structure which would also look cute.

BMW is said to be aiming at keeping the weight of the vehicle below 3,000 pounds. We haven’t heard anything on the price factor, though.  More details and pricing might get revealed as days go by. Keep a watch.

(Via InsideLine)

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