Apple iPad is indeed green; does it bit for the environment


The Apple iPad has begun ruling over the minds of many an enthusiast ever since Steve Jobs unveiled the cute tablet a few days ago. We too are a happy lot that such a device has arrived. But have you ever thought about the iPad on a green front? If so, how green is Apple’s new tablet?

From what we have managed to learn, many believe that the device would help a handful of trees from being chopped down as the tablet would be replacing newspapers and magazines in its role as an e-reader. However, here comes a different voice from the Center for Sustainable Communications based in Stockholm, Sweden. It has been reported that a study conducted by the Center has revealed that reading a newspaper on a computer for 30 minutes can have the same carbon dioxide emissions as a printed newspaper.
But then listen to this. According to Steve Jobs, the iPad is arsenic-free, BFR-free, mercury-free, PVC-free, and is highly recyclable. The iPad is in fact an iPod Touch-like device that can be used to watch movies and TV shows and has full access to the iTunes store. This could also mean that many of the more energy-intensive things we rely on laptops to do can be accessed on the smaller iPad. Further, the 10 hour battery life means the iPad need not be plugged in for charge often. The iPad also boasts of a 30-day standby battery life. In short, the iPad has all in it to be called Green. What say?

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  1. Mac’s in fashion innovation will rapidly evolve after this initial over-hype launch during it’s unveiling. The touch screen and Mac’s potential to fix hardware will definitly to make the product a huge product in for the forseeable future.

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